Joanna Dunn Photo Credit:  Theresa Elliott and Dale Peterson

Joanna Dunn returns for two workshops in November:

Quiet Yoga on Nov. 1 & Inversions in Baby Steps on Nov. 2

Other new classes include:

Relaxation/Restorative Yoga on Oct. 26

Beginning Yoga starting on Nov. 3

Ashtanga Yoga:  The Eight Limbs on Nov. 8

Prenatal Yoga starting Nov. 11


For details about these classes and others, or to register, see our schedule page.

The Studio

Heather assisting a student in Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II) pose. Photo Credit: Jordyn Giulio

Located in the Tri-Cities, Yoga Community offers professional instruction in yoga, ayurveda, and meditation.

Our fully renovated studio was designed to create a soothing environment dedicated to the practice of yoga.  With two studios, a reception area, and business office, we provide a variety of yoga classes for all levels.

Our schedule is full of classes and workshops for the development of the whole person, from beginner to experienced practitioner.

Yoga is for Every Body

Yoga is much more than just a physical exercise. It can be your path to a more relaxed, centered, fulfilling lifestyle. However, at the same time it IS a great way to develop a strong, healthy body. Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not just for the young, fit and flexible. At Yoga Community, we believe that everyone can do yoga!  We use props (straps, blocks, chairs, etc.) to make yoga postures accessible to anyone, regardless of flexibility, fitness level, injuries, age, or illness.

Virginia in Child's Pose Photo Credit:  Jordyn Guilio

Virginia in Child’s Pose Photo Credit: Jordyn Guilio

In addition, we work to balance the physical benefits of yoga with the relaxation benefits.  In our modern society, we tend not to get enough exercise and never seem to have time to unwind and relax.  We try to make sure we incorporate both into every yoga class.  Our focus on making yoga accessible and comfortable, as well as incorporating relaxation techniques, ensure we meet our goal  – which is to make sure that you walk out our door feeling better than when you walked in.